Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor, Altra Industrial Motion companies (South Beloit, IL) announced the addition of inline models to the Series 2000 right angle helical gear drives and gearmotors. The Boston Gear Series 2000 C-face gear drives feature mounting registers for flexible installation. A front mounting face and field-installable output flange are provided. Models feature large output shaft diameters, and are available with a torque range up to 39,000 (4400 Nm). Units feature rounded housing surfaces, acrylic paint pigmented with 316 stainless steel flake for high corrosion and abrasion resistance, and integrated O-rings for leak and ingress resistance.

Bauer Series 2000 integral gearmotors are inverter-rated for use with VFDs. Motors are CE, CSA, and UR certified, and meet or exceed EISA 2007 efficiency requirements with a Class 1, Div 2, Groups B/C/D/T3C rated enclosure.

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