Aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., recently partnered with management at the Auburn SuperMall in Auburn, WA to improve the quality of light throughout the mall while at the same time reducing lighting energy consumption by 52%.

The owners of the Auburn SuperMall (Auburn, WA) are very conscientious of energy consumption and implemented a lighting retrofit upgrade four years ago to cut energy consumption. During recent events, the mall management team learned of Aleddra's LED T8 tube lamp that would not only reduce energy consumption but also increase lighting levels, something desired by the mall security staff. Facial recognition by security cameras with the lighting they had in place was next to impossible, but with the Aleddra LED T8, facial recognition was greatly enhanced. That further validated their decision to use the Aleddra LED T8 to reduce the mall's overall carbon footprint.

“The SuperMall owner is very pleased with the 52.6% energy saving achieved through the Aleddra LED T8 tubes accompanied with occupancy sensors,” said Brett Hammond, the project supervisor of LED Solutions Northwest, a division of SeaTac Electric. “We were also very lucky that most of the fixtures used non-shunted tombstones, thus allowing us to install Aleddra's single ended LED T8 for the project. The lighting levels produced by the LED T8 are so incredible that in some of the service areas and utility areas, we were able to replace two of the 28W fluorescent tubes with just one 18W LED tube. Puget Sound Energy approved a rebate that covered nearly half of the material cost.”

The Auburn SuperMall, also known as The Outlet Collection Seattle, opened in 1995 and comprises 943,273 square feet of retail space, all on one level.

Aleddra's LED T8 tubes are UL 1598C classified and come with a 5-year warranty. The double-ended EasiRetrofit® tube can be used with either a shunted or non-shunted lampholder and is the most popular choice for lighting retrofit as its saves 50-70% on installation labor costs.

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