Application Briefs

The renovated Payload Operations Integration Center, part of the Huntsville, AL-based Marshall Space Flight Center, features a new video wall. The wall includes a 2 × 12 array of monitors that uses RGB Spectrum’s OmniWall 32 Display Processor to route and display up to 32 input signals. The processor expands the ability of operators to share information in real time, such as live video feeds, diagrams, photographs, results of experiments, and information on power usage.

Operators at the Center monitor and coordinate all experimental activities on the International Space Station. Each operator uses a computer to monitor applications related to their areas of expertise, and signals from each computer are routed to the processor. Other inputs to the wall display include H.264 feeds from onboard video cameras, news broadcasts, weather information, as well as SCADA systems for machinery control. The OmniWall processor outputs the signals to local control stations, auxiliary displays, and to the main video wall.

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