When the NRG power plant in El Segundo, Calif., was redesigned, two towers were demolished which caused extensive light from the plant to bother local neighbors. In an effort to get rid of this light pollution and update old lighting fixtures at the same time, NRG turned to LEDtronics, Inc. for assistance.

LEDtronics cobrahead-style LED street lights line the perimeter of NRG Power Station in El Segundo, CA.
“We faced an unexpected challenge when a large amount of new light was pouring into the homes of local residents after our demolition process,” states Jason Luehsenhop, Morrow-Meadows Corporation Senior Project Manager for the NRG LED lighting updates. “LEDtronics supplied us with street lights that reduced the light pollution immediately. In addition, we reduced energy consumption when our old lights that consumed 300 watts were replaced with these energy-efficient LEDs using only 82 watts.”

LED streetlights eliminate the unwanted glare, light trespass, energy waste, and sky glow that accompany traditional, incandescent street lamps.

“An estimated 30% of outdoor light generated in the U.S. goes into space, flooding the skies and creating electric haze that reduces stargazing,” states Mark Jarel, LEDtronics’ Street and Outdoor Lighting Produces Sales Manager. “LED streetlights shine light in the direction where it is needed, at ground level, reducing the amount of light that is lost to the sky and improving overall nighttime viewing, making them dark sky friendly.”

With this in mind, LEDtronics provided NRG with eco-friendly, RoHS compliant, cobrahead, full cutoff LED streetlights, Style M400, part number SLL002P-72X2W-XPW-004 fixtures. With low power usage of only 82 watts, these solid-state LED lights:

  • Emit pure, white light with low, ultraviolet emissions that do not attract insects;
  • Offer a long life span with white LED lumen maintenance greater than 70% at 50,000 hours of operation (rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis); and
  • Turn on instantly, have solid, die-cast construction, and are high-shock and vibration resistant.

“Over 58 LED cobrahead street light fixtures were installed on the perimeter of the NRG facility, and more will be added as the ongoing redesign continues,” states Jarel. “By updating their old street lights with long life, energy saving LED street lights, we are helping NRG significantly reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and light pollution while increasing sustainability and providing a safe and attractive facility for workers and the local community.”

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