The RZM Centric Vice from Röhm Products of America (Lawrenceville, GA) provides work-holding rigidity and contributes to higher-accuracy 5-axis machining. The vice’s design features clamping jaws positioned relatively high, and a horizontal spindle situated at the top of the vice and closer to the jaws. The jaws are shorter and complement the vice’s overall compact height of 7.7" to minimize interference.

The double jaw-guidance system moves jaws along their axes to accommodate a range of part sizes without having to remount the jaws. In operation, the first jaw moves along an outside guideway as the second jaw travels on an inside one. This quasi-telescopic arrangement allows for a greater guidance length without placing significant limits on machining operations. When fully opened, the RZM presents little, if any, interference, and its telescoping design allows the jaws to close to the zero point.

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