White Paper: Medical

The Use of Implantable Silicone in Medical Devices


The first use of silicone as a material implanted in the human body for medical treatment is said to date back to1946, when surgeon Dr. Frank Lahey used silicone for bile duct repair. Since the early success with experiments with such uses as tubing for urethra replacements and hydrocephalus shunts, silicone has been employed in a wide variety of medical applications and implantable devices, such as orthopedic joint implants, pacemakers, and neurostimulators.

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  • The Rise of Silicone Use in Implantable Devices
  • Differences in Medical-Grade and Implantable Silicone Materials
  • The Types of Silicone Materials and Additives in Implantable Devices
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Implantable

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