Pittman Motors (Harleysville, PA) offers the PLG24, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, and PLG63 planetary gearboxes available with Pittman brush and brushless DC motors. The PLG planetary gearboxes deliver high-torque loads and are suitable for OEM motion control applications such as pan/tilt functions, indexing, pumping, conveying, and traction applications. The gearboxes are suitable for use in designs for medical and laboratory instrumentation, industrial equipment, material handling, and transportation. The gearboxes come in diameters from 24 to 63 mm, and output torques to 100 Nm (74 lb ft). Reduction ratios range from 4:1 to 710:1, with more than ten standard ratios available in each size. Typical versions include gears and ball bearings made of steel or engineered polymer. Custom output-shaft features, lubrication, and reinforced output-shaft assemblies for differentiated solutions can be tailored to specific application requirements.

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