ADVANCED Motion Controls (Camarillo, CA) introduced the AZBH10A4 and AZBD10A4 micro-sized analog plug-in brushless servo drives that add Hall Velocity mode and Duty Cycle mode capabilities to the μZ series. The drives are designed for embedded applications in industries such as robotics, military, electric mobility, medical, and packaging. They drive brushless and brushed DC motors at a high switching frequency, and weigh 9 grams. They feature output of 10A peak and 5A continuous, and operate with a bus voltage range of 10-36 VDC.

The AZBH10A4 with Hall Velocity mode uses the motor’s commutation sensors for velocity feedback in medium- to high-speed applications such as conveyors, pumps, and fans. The AZBD10A4 with Duty Cycle mode estimates velocity based on the PWM duty cycle to provide a limited level of velocity control without the need for a velocity feedback device such as an encoder. This control scheme is used in applications where velocity feedback is not available, and precise velocity control is not necessary such as in drive wheel applications, fans, pumps, and lifts.

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