The SCHUNK SRU-mini- Speed rotary unit from SCHUNK (Morrisville, NC) is available in two model sizes and provides swivel times from 0.27s. If lightweight parts are handled with the unit, more than 4,000 cycles per hour can be achieved. Model size 10 achieves swivel times of 0.27s, and up to 3,600 cycles per hour is possible. As an alternative to higher speeds and number of cycles, higher load capacities can be implemented with an unchanged installation space. As part of a patented damping design, elastomer has been combined with an oil-damped shock absorber.

The unit is based on the company’s SRU-mini flat rotary unit, and already existing modules can be exchanged 1:1. Three damping versions are available: the hard damped SRU-mini-H for minimum interfering contours in case of extremely high payloads, the soft damped SRU-mini-W for shorter cycle times at minimum spaces, and the high-performance damped SRU-mini-S for high cycle times per hour. The unit is available in module sizes 10 and 14 with torques of 0.28 Nm or 1.15 Nm and axial forces of 255 N or 330 N.

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