altSUHNER’s flexible shafts are on board of “Curiosity,” playing an essential role in the scoop arm, helping to scratch shallow holes into Mars’ soil, to grab the samples and to move them to the on-board lab. Flexible shafts are not just for outer space; they are a very effective and cost efficient way to transmit rotary motion in everyday life. SUHNER Mfg., Inc. in Rome, Georgia USA

altCuriosity uses a laser diode from nanoplus. With its help, Curiosity is to draw important conclusions on organic compounds and light elements, as well as on isotope ratios in atmosphere and soil samples from Mars. This is to determine whether the Red Planet is or has been a suitable living environment.

altZemax optical and illumination design software was used extensively by NASA engineers, scientists and contractors to design the 17 cameras and spectrometers now onboard Curiosity. Zemax was also used to design similar optical systems on NASA’s two previous Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.

altOptimax is proud to be a part of history by supplying optics for the Mastcam, MAHLI and MARDI payloads on-board the Mars Rover Curiosity. With more than 100 opticians, Optimax is America’s largest prototype optics manufacturer and leverages its optics manufacturing technology for programs that benefit mankind.

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