Grip Handle

Buck Albritton

Winner of a Panasonic 42" plasma TV

Designed by:

Buck Albritton
Ashland, VA

ImageThe Grip Handle tool, co-developed with Gene Albritton, allows the user to carry heavier loads with a better grip, while saving their back. The tool is placed against the load at a comfortable position for lifting, the movable grip pad slides next to the load, and the load is ready to lift by the handle. The locking system prevents slippage, while the pads rotate to the most secure position, protecting the material lifted from damage. The Grip Handle can be used for handling panels of all types, including drywall, glass, and plywood, and can grip almost any object up to 4.5" in width, including posts, cinderblocks, and furniture.

Fire and rescue teams could benefit from use of the tool. In a lifesaving operation, clearing collapsed buildings in search of people, heavy equipment often cannot get to the site quickly enough. The Grip Handle can latch onto most debris and allows a solid grip, even on wet objects, making the job faster and saving the strength of the rescue team members. The device has applications for disaster cleanup, military use, construction, warehouses, and residential lifting jobs. The inventors are currently seeking license agreements.

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