Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT) is a software framework for creating a Web-based system for exchange of scientific data that are stored in diverse formats on computers at different sites under the management of scientific peers. OODT software consists of a set of cooperating, distributed peer components that provide distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) services that enable one peer to search and retrieve data managed by another peer. In effect, computers running OODT software at different locations become parts of an integrated data-management system.

OODT now incorporates a client/server communication substrate, but in other respects, its design resembles that of a P2P network, and it is planned to make a transition to a P2P communication substrate in the near future. OODT uses standard Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) connections. The architecture of OODT is that of a plug-in system. The OODT framework includes a set of classes and interfaces that can be customized and then registered with an application programmer's interface. The classes and interfaces tell the programmer at each site exactly what is needed for customization.

This program was written by John Hughes, Sean Hardman, Daniel Crichton, and Jason Hyon of Caltech and Sean Kelly and Thuy Tran of Northrop Grumman for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This software is available for commercial licensing. Please contact Karina Edmonds of the California Institute of Technology at (626) 395-2322. Refer to NPO-40370.