NASA Enterprise Visual Analysis (NEVA) is a computer program undergoing development as a successor to Launch Services Analysis Tool (LSAT), formerly known as Payload Carrier Analysis Tool (PCAT). NEVA facilitates analyses of proposed configurations of payloads and packing fixtures (e.g. pallets) in a space shuttle payload bay for transport to the International Space Station. NEVA reduces the need to use physical models, mock-ups, and full-scale ground support equipment in performing such analyses. Using NEVA, one can take account of such diverse considerations as those of weight distribution, geometry, collision avoidance, power requirements, thermal loads, and mechanical loads.

NEVA accepts mass-property data from computational models of payloads, carriers, and interfaces, and uses these data to perform weight and center-of-gravity analyses. NEVA accepts results from structural-, thermal-, and fluid-analysis programs and translates them for incorporation into visual displays along with the results of the weight-distribution analyses. After contemplated further development, NEVA will also be able to accept, translate, and display results of communication- and electromagnetic-compatibility-analysis programs. Thus, NEVA is expected to continue to evolve into an increasingly capable tool for supporting technical and management decisions regarding ever more complex payload configurations.

This program (copyright © The Boeing Company 2005, all rights reserved) was written by Maria Lopez-Tellado of Kennedy Space Center and Brenda DiSanto, Robert Humeniuk, Richard Bard Jr., Mia Little, Robert Edwards, Tien-Chi Ma, Kenneth Hollifield, and Chuck White of The Boeing Co. GSA-23F-0183K, Order No. NNK04MB84D.

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