An electronic system was developed that acquires data in real time and exchanges it across borders of systems in a standardized manner. The system makes electric vehicles more reliable and economically efficient. The electronic system is a configurable control unit in the vehicle with a telematics interface. It makes available measurement and diagnosis data of the electric vehicle anywhere and anytime. In this way, the user of the vehicle will always be in full control of all data, but also be able to enjoy the advantages of internal and external services.

The electronic system supplies vehicle data in real time and in a wireless manner. (KIT/e-mobil BW)

The autonomous charging unit can adjust the charging parameters to various charging infrastructures and, hence, be used together with all existing systems. In addition, the electric vehicle may even turn into an energy supplier and feed the stored energy back into the grid, e.g. when the demand in the grid increases or other vehicles require an extension of their range.