Lin Engineering (Santa Clara, CA) offers the SilverPak 23DE, and integrated NEMA 23 high-torque, 1.8° bipolar step motor; microstepping driver; and encoder. The system is 2.25" wide and is available in three body lengths: 2.52", 2.96", and 3.89". Depending on stack size, the integrated motor/driver is capable of producing up to 294 oz-in of holding torque. It operates from 15 VDC to 48 VDC and the available phase current ranges from 0.3 amps to 3 amps peak.

altThe motor/driver combination features jumper configurable step resolutions from 2× microstepping to 256× microstepping, and four selectable damping modes. The unit also features optically isolated step, direction, and disable/enable inputs; and under-voltage and over-temperature protection.

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