Kerk Motion Products (Hollis, NH) offers the VHD Series anti-backlash assemblies suitable for eliminating drag and wear associated with high pre-load forces. The VHD assembly uses Kerk’s patented axial take-up mechanism, creating a space that will continually expand to accommodate wear that may occur during use. The self-lubricating VHD Series reduces noise and dust as encountered in the packaging industry. Since airborne paper dust is regularly generated in the cartoning and case packing area, almost everything eventually becomes covered in a light layer of dust. The VHD screw does not require grease to operate and therefore reduces noise and dust.

altThe VHD assemblies feature leads measuring 1.27 mm to 92 mm and lengths to 4 m. VHD Series Screws are 303 stainless steel with optional Kerk’s custom Kerkote® TFE coating.

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