altDesigned as a yield enhancement system for electronics manufacture, YESTech (San Clemente, CA) has released the YTX-3000 HXR x-ray inspection system for extremely high-resolution applications. Featuring an open-tube transmission target x-ray source with an integral high-voltage power supply and computer-controlled operation, the HXR system resolves sub-micron features with zoom magnifications up to 2400×. The x-ray source is designed for minimum maintenance with an easily replaceable filament and target assembly. The 3000 HXR is available with a 4- or 5-axis sample manipulator and a 15 × 20-in. (380 x 500 mm) X-Y travel stage for samples up to 5 lbs. in weight. Full 360° rotation and 30° of tilt are available. A computer-controlled motor drive provides a wide rage of motion from ultra-slow use at high magnifications, to high speed for travel over large distances. All systems come with a control module and programmable motion for automated inspection.

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