altSantec (Komaki, Japan) has released the TSL-510 tunable laser. Designed with many of the same features as the TSL-210V external cavity tunable laser, the TSL-510 offers a new front-panel interface and a number of improved features. The TSL-510 is a bench-top type that offers a 120-nm mode-hop-free tuning range selectable within the 1260-nm to 1680-nm wavelength region. Average optical output power is 10 mW. The laser has a 100-nm/s rapid wavelength sweep function that is particularly suitable for fiber optic component testing and material characterization. The instrument has USB and GPIB interfaces and comes with a standard LabVIEW driver. The TSL-510 is designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications, including telecom, gas sensing, spectroscopy, and material characterization.

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