altPhoton Machines (San Diego, CA) has introduced the ATLEX Series of excimer lasers, featuring a pre-ionization technique that delivers short pulse widths, high peak-power densities, and flat beams for laser micromachining. The laser was built with all-metal-ceramic tube construction with automatic gas filling and user-replaceable optics that increase product lifetimes and reduce cost of ownership. ATLEX lasers are air-cooled and capable of continuous operation at rates up to 500 pulses per second. A built-in energy detector enables closed-loop stabilization that maintains the energy output entered by the operator. A handheld controller and computer interface are standard features. Available wavelengths include 157, 193, 248, 308, and 351 nm. Applications include TOF, spectroscopy, test instrumentation, micromachining, microfluidics, and LIGA.

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