Designed for measuring area illumination, projector output, screen brightness, architecture lighting, room lighting, and color uniformity, Photo Research (Chatsworth, CA) has developed the PR-524 LiteMate illuminance handheld photometer system. The PR-524 features a cosine corrected receptor and measures illuminance. The optional PR-522 SpotMate, featuring true Pritchard spot optics, can be added to make luminance measurements. The Pritchard optics-based PR-522 is being offered as an accessory for measuring the luminance of LCDs, PDPs, and projection screen displays. The PR-525 ColorMate is a multi-detector colorimeter that makes near-real-time color measurements. Measured values include illuminance, CIE chromaticity, and correlated color temperature. Both instruments feature a touchscreen display, USB, and a multimedia card slot. Other accessories include a fiber probe and micro-reader probe.

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