altPepperl+Fuchs (Twinsburg, OH) has introduced Series 61 photoelectric sensors. The UL and cUL listed sensors are available in DC models with 4-in-1™ output, and AC/DC models with SPDT relay output. Accessible controls simplify set-up and adjustments, and color-coded labels make it easy to identify a given sensor’s sensing mode. The 4-in-1 output automatically sinks or sources, depending upon the load detected. Both 4-in-1 output models and SPDT output models include Standard Diffuse mode with a 1-m or 4-m sensing range, Diffuse with Background Suppression mode with a 500-mm or 2-m sensing range, Polarized Retroreflective mode with an 18-m sensing range, and Thru-beam mode with a 60-m sensing range. AC/DC versions with SPDT relay output are capable of switching up to 3 Amps. The sensors are also available in fiber optic versions where the sensing range is dependent on the fiber cable.

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