The Key-Rex™ high-security fastener is available from Bryce Fastener (Phoenix, AZ). The special safeguard feature of the screw is the endless combination of complex shapes developed in the drive (head) of the screw. Each keyway shape and matching driver bit is licensed to only one client. Because the driver bit functions like a key, the manufacturer recommends that clients restrict use of the bits to authorized personnel. Any standard fastener can be fitted with the security feature, safeguarding the integrity of the design, or a fastener can be made to meet the design’s requirements.

altThe keyway shapes are created using an encryption process that builds a shape out of millions of variables and defines a unique code for each part. The fastener’s head has been designed and tested to repel other security bit tips and common tools. It can be power-driven for speed and torque, and is manufactured with rustproof, stainless steel or 4037CrV steel with 150,000 psi.

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