CADFusion software from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) bridges the gap between part drawings and motion control. Users import a vector-based DXF drawing into the software environment to see the resulting tool path graphically on CADFusion’s canvas. Part optimization is performed with shape re-ordering, feature scaling, and rotational/translational features. Overall process management, including local and global feed-rate control and lead in/out moves, can be automatically configured in advance so that every import file produces a consistent motion control program.

altUpon import, CADFusion automatically parses the incoming pattern into well-defined shapes and entities, which can be easily manipulated by the user to adjust their size, rotation, and position on the canvas. Upon drawing export, CADFusion compiles a full motion control program, automatically inserting user-defined initialization and process trigger events. Laser/process definitions and firing events can be specifically tailored by the user and called automatically by CADFusion during program compilation.

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