Vumii™ Imaging (Atlanta, GA) has released its Accuracii family of long-range, dualchannel thermal surveillance camera systems. The Accuracii camera systems combine two advanced video channels on an integrated ruggedized 360° pan-tilt positioner. With both long-range and mid-range models, the systems have several thermal options, including three cooled cameras or a continuous zoom uncooled thermal camera, in addition to HD or SD color choices with a range of lens options.

Accuracii XR is available with MWIR 640 × 512 cooled 15 μm detectors and three high-quality zoom lens options, or a LWIR 640 × 480 uncooled 17μm detector coupled with a 25-225 mm continuous-zoom lens. Accuracii ML uses 17μm 640 × 480 thermal technology and features either a 15-100 mm continuous zoom head or a 45/135 mm dual field of view head for day and night operation, as well as a ¼ CCD camera for daytime operation.

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