BitFlow (Woburn, MA) provides an alternative to four-link CoaXPress (CXP) frame grabbers with its Karbon™ CXP2, a two-link frame grabber. BitFlow Karbon-CXP2 frame grabbers offer video acquisition speeds up to 6 Gigabits per second, and will send control commands and triggers at 20 Megabits per second — all over a 75 ohm coaxial cable in lengths up to 135 meters. Additionally, a maximum 13W of power can be transmitted to the camera along the cable. Karbon-CXP2 frame grabbers will support either one two-link camera or up to two single-link cameras.

Other features include: CXP speeds from 1.250 to 6.250 GB/S; up to 13 Watts of power per camera; Plug and Play functionality with automatic link speed detection; PCI Express x8 interface; and separate I/O for each camera.

The BitFlow SDK supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Applications can be developed using C/ C++/.NET and BitFlow’s buffer management APIs.

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