Prima Power Laserdyne’s (Champlin, MN) ShapeSoft™ feature simplifies the creation of programs for producing cone, oblique cone, fan, racetrack, and a variety of shaped holes in a wide range of turbine engine components including blades, nozzle guide vanes, and combustors for aero-engine and industrial gas turbine applications. ShapeSoft™ is one of the latest features of the LASERDYNE S94P control, which controls operation of the LASERDYNE 795 and LASERDYNE 430BD multi-axis laser systems.

Creation of a shaped hole at high speeds with ShapeSoft involves a three-step process. ShapeSoft allows for selecting process parameters for each of the three process steps. Parameters that can be specified are: the parameter database record to be used, feed rate, and dwell time after the shutter is open before processing begins. System motion is modified as required to produce the shaped holes at whatever orientation of the BeamDirector or rotary/tilt tables are specified in the drilling program.

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