ALM Positioners (Rock Island, IL) released the Model MHL1P 10,000-pound-capacity single-column positioner that features 68.5" vertical travel in 35 seconds; a pendant-controlled, 4-HP, column-mounted hydraulic unit for lifting and lowering; solenoid- controlled safety pawls; 360-degree CW or CCW rotation; a rotator with 267,200 inch-pounds of torque; and a 48" base. It is offered as a dual-motor rotator and variable frequency drive (variable speed rotation of .75 to 2.3 RPM), as well as a single rotator.

Also available is the MHL1P 3-axis, single-column, 6,000-pound-capacity positioner that requires no special foundation and is suited for situations in which total product access is needed. It features 68.5" vertical travel in 40 seconds; 4-HP column-mount hydraulic unit with pendant-controlled x,y,z axes; solenoid-operated safety pawl in the column; 15-HP secondary for variable speed rotation; 180-degree rotation on axis 1 (360-degree optional); 360-degree rotation on axis 2; optional wireless foot control; and optional programmable operation. The positioners eliminate slings, chain transfer, and screw systems, and allow the operator to raise and position weldments or assemblies to a convenient height and working position.

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