A team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy, is working to improve how industrial electric drives operate. They propose a new control scheme that will not only improve motor operation, but also how the motor interacts with other systems.

The experimental set-up for controlling a DC servomotor.

The scheme involves a two-fold update of the method traditionally used to maintain a system. The conventional regulator is called a proportional-integral controller. It employs a feedback loop to keep the electrical drive system working by determining initial values for each operation. If any of the preset values change unfavorably, the controller is programmed to react and recalibrate to keep the system in optimal condition. The researchers propose using the same programming method to control the drive’s counterparts.

The researchers also propose an improved pre-filter to assist the system in maintaining attention on relevant and important data. To assess their proposed improvements, the research team conducted a simulated analysis and tested them experimentally using permanent magnet DC-motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors.