IS-1200 inertial-optical motion tracker InterSense
Bedford, MA

NASA’s Langley Research Center has awarded InterSense a follow-on Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to deliver a prototype Head-Worn Display (HWD) featuring the company’s inertial-optical hybrid motion-tracking technology. The system will replace flight deck displays with head-worn technology for commercial pilots, reducing costs and increasing safety. InterSense will deliver a customized IS-1200 system, integrated with a seethrough head mount to provide virtual information displays.

InterSense’s motion-sensing technology enables real-time tracking of position, orientation, and movement of people and objects. The system combines real-time position and orientation of the pilot’s head with a head-worn display, enabling spatially integrated information displays that reproduce the critical outside-world information that is obscured from pilots during instrument flight conditions. The proven success of the HWD technology coupled with the advent of component miniaturization has delivered an ergonomic solution for commercial use that is lightweight and unobtrusive.

NASA will develop display concepts using these technologies for improved situation awareness, increased ground-air collaborative decision-making, clearance negotiation, and precision navigation in support of the development of the Next- Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). Integration with on-board sensing technology may enable Equivalent Visual Operation (EVO) flight in all-weather conditions without visual references for the flight crew or air traffic services provider.

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