More than 11,000 engineering industry professionals from 55 countries will experience the new WCX — the evolution of SAE World Congress (here ) — to be held April 4-6 in Detroit, MI. Attendees will gain new perspectives in an engaging atmosphere that encourages discovery, and scout products and source solutions in specialized pavilions that showcase the power and potential of the evolving mobility industry.

The Tech Hub features out-of-the-box thinkers covering mobility ideas and concepts.

Last year's event featured more than 1,500 technical presentations and an equal number of published technical papers. But WCX17 adds an even wider variety of thought-exchange forums and events, professional development and networking opportunities, and business-relationship incubators.

Featured experience areas will include:

  • Connect with other professionals from around the world at Career Central and explore opportunities to match your skills with leading employers.
  • The nexus of WCX, The Exchange is located right on the exhibition floor, with presentations and discussions happening throughout each day.
  • The Experience Lounge is the meeting place for exhibitors and buyers to share ideas, build relationships, and network in a low-key, low-pressure, neutral and fun environment.
  • Innovation Market is an exclusive space highlighting emerging technologies, developmental concepts, and new-to-market products.
  • Knowledge Bars are informal settings where subject matter experts answer specific questions and offer ideas and insights.
  • A dedicated presentation area, Launch Pad is designed for startup companies to showcase their products and services to potential investors.
  • The Learning Lab is where OEMs and top-tier suppliers showcase their latest solutions through technical presentations, product launches, and Q&A sessions. A small theater gives attendees unprecedented interaction with new technology from major OEMs. The venue accommodates interactive and one-on-one engineering innovation presentations where engineers and suppliers can discuss the latest mobility products.
  • Partner Zones are larger, more elaborate booths where exhibitors can band together to create interactive experiences for attendees.
  • Technology Pavilions address future mobility innovations in specific areas such as additive manufacturing and lightweighting, augmented/virtual reality, and testing.

Tech Hub

Business and tech leaders assess the “business of technology” at the Leadership Summit.

Groundbreakers from across industries demonstrate the inventions, ideas, and concepts that go beyond the leading edge. The Tech Hub is focused on visions of the future of transportation technology as well as futuristic topics specific to, or that can be transferred to, mobility engineering practices and application. Broaden your scope of knowledge by hearing ground-breaking insight from thought leaders about the future of mobility in a relaxed environment on the Exhibition Floor. These short, impactful presentations are designed to engage the audience and challenge traditional thinking and outlooks on technologies. Speakers will participate in a Q&A and networking period following the talks. Tech Hub topics this year include autonomous vehicles, the impact of technology on the automotive supply chain, wearable robotics, vehicle design, and lightweight materials.

Technical Program

Exhibitors will present the latest developments in technology innovation at WCX17.

In addition to technical paper presentations, the public forums and conferences at WCX17 provide a spectrum of thought from top-level sources in all areas of mobility. This cornerstone of WCX allows attendees to engage with industry experts within their respective fields and from around the globe to solve problems and move the mobility industry forward. Six tracks will be available: Body/Chassis/Safety/Structure, Electronics, Emissions/Environment/Sustainability, Integrated Design and Manufacturing, Materials, and Propulsion/Powertrain.

Explore the latest products and services from cutting-edge innovators on the exhibit floor.

Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit draws influential business and technology leads from OEMs, Tier 1s, government, and outside mobility to assess the “Business of Technology” and the influence of innovation, legislation, and the consumer on business growth.

The links between business and technology are the topic of discussion in this unique venue where attendees and automotive engineering industry experts and executives interact. Special formats include personal interviews, discussion groups, and TEDx-style presentations discussing critical issues on the current state and future of mobility.

Engage with notable industry leaders and executives to understand the larger implications of business and technology development as it relates to core job function and responsibilities. The Summit will feature a diverse selection of panel and roundtable topics that examine the integration of nontraditional technologies and business models within traditional automotive industry practices and application.

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