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When selecting the camera, the size, the USB 2.0 connection and the color quality were at the top of the requirements list. Walter Grom, the engineer in charge of the project, explains: “An important factor in our decision was of course an excellent image quality, which the uEye provides.” The engineers from METTLER TOLEDO opted for the UI-1226LE-C, a model from the USB uEye LE camera series from IDS. The lightsensitive CMOS color sensor of the board-level camera captures up to 87 frames per second at the full 752 x 480 pixel resolution. Another major aspect is that the uEye’s automatic white balance works reliably even against the blue background of the scale.

altThe second essential factor was the camera’s software integration. Depending on the customer’s specifications, METTLER TOLEDO installs either a Linux-based or a Windows-based operating system on the scale’s integrated PC. “Another reason for choosing IDS was that they also offer a Linux driver that comes right with the camera,” adds Grom. The fact that the machine vision specialist IDS is located not far away from METTLER TOLEDO was a further advantage: During the development stage, the engineer visited IDS a couple of times to inspect the quality of production on-site and discuss various customizations of the camera hardware.

In Germany, the successful combination of precision scale and industrial camera is already in use in over 300 stores of a major food retailing chain. Other retailers in Germany and Europe have also started using the system and are planning to expand usage companywide, as well.

This article was written by Daniel Seiler, Technical Communication Specialist, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH (Obersulm, Germany). For more information, contact Mr. Seiler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit

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