AUTONOMIE is a MATLAB-based software environment and framework for automotive control system design, simulation, and analysis. It simulates subsystems, systems, or an entire vehicle, and predicts and analyzes fuel efficiency and performance. The software performs analyses and tests for virtual calibration, verification, and validation of hardware models and algorithms, and supports system hardware and software requirements.

AUTONOMIE is designed for rapid and easy integration of models with varying levels of detail (low to high fidelity) and abstraction (from subsystems to systems and entire architectures), as well as processes (e.g., calibration and validation). Its graphical user interfaces (GUIs) allow users to rapidly select the specific model (e.g., plant, control, system) to be evaluated by the proper method. GUIs also support the selection of processes, configuration, and database management for any data type. All features are configurable and nonrestrictive to support plug-and-play integration of custom or proprietary models, architectures, and processes for the end user, and to support future technology.

AUTONOMIE provides the environment and standard framework to make an entire engineering organization more efficient through the reuse and sharing of models and methods, and by leveraging modeling and control experts across different areas. It enables the development, sharing, and rapid application of models, control algorithms, and processes from the entire automotive engineering community.

Wide adoption of AUTONOMIE's standard framework for modeling interfaces and processes promotes the rapid evaluation and adoption of new technologies for fuel economy improvements. Its general software environment, framework, and capabilities can be easily configured and utilized for any simple or complex engineering application that requires the integration of many systems or subsystems. The structure of a hierarchical model library of architectures, systems, subsystems, components, and functions with physically based interfaces can be applied to the fundamental physical processes of any engineered application, once appropriate models are provided.

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