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COMSOL Multiphysics

Ten Years of Unlimited Simulation Capabilities!

In 1998 COMSOL Multiphysics® made its debut as the first commercial environment to enable scientists, engineers, and researchers to solve any system of coupled physics phenomena in the same simulation. Ever since, users have leveraged the insights of multiphysics modeling and simulation to work smarter.

In this issue of COMSOL News, you’ll find 15 examples of how your colleagues use COMSOL to take on today’s technological challenges. We have a report froma team at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center that’s modeling next-generation life support systems for longduration space habitation such as a lunar outpost and a roundtrip to Mars. Next, you can learn how multiphysics helps France’s Roc- Tool, which specializes in licensing its rapid molding technologies for the composites industry, customize molds for its clients’ diverse needs.We also have two interesting examples of multiphysics in the consumer products industry: electric shavers from Philips and a full-color, photo-quality direct thermal printer from ZINK Imaging.

Table of Contents // COMSOL NEWS 2008
4 Clearing the Air: Life Support for Space Exploration
7 Instrumentation Modeling for NASA’s Next Mars Rover Mission
8 Innovative Molding Technology
11 Fluid-Structure-Acoustic Interactions
12 Electrochemical Machining in Appliance Manufacturing
14 Reduced Metal Consumption in Electroplating Saves Big Money
16 Faster, Safer delivery of Therapeutic Substances
18 A Model of Direct Thermal Printing
20 Temperature Dependent Material Properties
22 Multiphysics Electrifies Modeling in Many Scales
26 Improving Prediction of Semiconductor Lifetimes
28 In the Classroom: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Puts COMSOL to the Test
29 Engineers Advance Skills
30 Rapid Developments of Sensors in Vehicle Design
Clean Energy
32 Environmentally Friendly Flameless Furnace
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34 Benchmarking COMSOL Multiphysics
35 COMSOL Conference 2008
36 Guest Editorial: Dr. Dale Kipp
7 TransTech Systems becomes COMSOL Certified Consultant
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