Revolutionary changes are driving the mobility industry forward. Explore the next generation of transportation engineering at SAE’s WCX: World Congress Experience from April 10-12 in Detroit, MI. Experience a combination of personalized learning experiences, unique show features for all industry specialties, and an exhibition hall showcasing cutting-edge technology and thought-leading innovation.

This premier event in the automotive and mobility industry addresses current challenges, discovers new avenues of exploration, and explores the promise of the future of transportation engineering.

Technical Sessions

Technical sessions are the cornerstone of WCX. The program features presentations and moderated panel discussions to provide the answers you need, help develop your technical acumen, and create optimal networking opportunities.

Technology tracks for 2018 are:

  • Integrated Design & Manufacturing: This track covers theoretical developments, and provides information on real-life applications to industry in the areas of process capability, productivity, reliability, design, global supply chain integration, and manufacturing performance.

  • Powertrain Fuels & Lubricants: These sessions focus on properties, selection, processing, performance, use, and effects of fuels and lubricants related to spark ignition, diesel engines, and associated drivelines, and all combustion and emission considerations.

  • Automotive Electronics: This track covers intelligent transportation systems, software, electromagnetic compatibility, testing and instrumentation, vehicle diagnostics, simulation and modeling mechatronics, vehicle sensors and actuators, multimedia systems, vehicle information and communication security, and safety-critical systems.

  • Materials Engineering: These sessions focus on the areas of properties, selection, processing, and performance of materials.

  • Emissions, Environment and Sustainability: Topics are vehicle emission, environmental impact, and sustainability including thermal management, exhaust emissions, particulates, modeling, as well as end-of-life, alternate energy, and electrification strategies.

  • Automobile Body, Chassis, Safety, and Structures: These sessions focus on body engineering, fire safety, human factors, noise and vibration, occupant protection, steering and suspension, tire and wheel, and as vehicle aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.

Technology Pavilions

Experience technology and innovation through new pavilions on the exhibit hall floor. These pavilions group exhibitors together in one of three specialized zones: Connect2Car, Smart Transportation, and Lightweighting-Materials-Efficiency.

Connect2Car is dedicated to the future of connected vehicles. Industry leaders bring electronics programming for the automotive industry to educate and inspire. Connect2Car includes roundtables, Tech Hub presentations, technical sessions, and an exhibit pavilion.

The Smart Transportation Paviion — presented by SEMI, the global association serving the electronics manufacturing supply chain — showcases technologies, solutions, and applications across the automotive electronics supply chain, including semiconductors, flexible and printed electronics, MEMS and sensors, advanced materials, device manufacturing, and IoT/smart manufacturing.

New this year is the Lightweighting-Materials-Efficiency Pavilion organized by AluMag, the global market developing company serving the entire automotive supply chain. Showcased in this pavilion are technologies that help automotive suppliers decrease weight and improve powertrain efficiency to reduce emissions; achieve function integration and structural lightweighting; develop advanced multi-material/process hybrids; design, develop, and manufacture new materials and processes; and pursue green powertrains, ICE emission reduction, and battery drivetrains.

Leadership Summit

The links between business and technology are discussed in this unique venue, where attendees and automotive engineering industry experts interact. Special roundtable discussions are designed to address critical issues of the technology from a business development standpoint, and to see how the current state and future of mobility drives decision-making. Summit topics include creating smart cities, the evolution of ICE-based powertrains, disruptive technologies, and critical challenges facing technology executives.

Tech Hub

Pioneers and thought leaders from a variety of industries convey technology, ideas, and concepts with the audience that goes beyond traditional mobility. The Tech Hub is focused on visions of the future of transportation technology, as well as futuristic topics specific to, or that can be transferred to, mobility engineering practices and applications. Topics will include automotive cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and virtual reality.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab gives attendees a close look at the latest innovations from major global manufacturers. The venue accommodates one-on-one presentations where engineers and suppliers can discuss the latest mobility products. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and, in some cases, experience a hands-on demonstration.

Exhibition Floor

WCX features a completely re-engineered Exhibition Floor that includes 11 featured destinations, designed and built to foster deep discussions of automotive technology. Experience exclusive previews of the newest products at the Innovation Market. More than 200 exhibitors — including OEMs, suppliers, and technology companies — will be displaying and demonstrating products on the show floor.

For more information and to register, visit here .