The Systems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer/Fluid Integrator (SINDA/FLUINT) software system has been upgraded by addition of a capability for simulating fluid mixtures that include condensable vapors. SINDA/FLUINT is the NASA standard software system for computational simulation of interacting thermal and fluid effects in arbitrary heat-transfer and fluid-flow networks. Prior to this upgrade, SINDA/FLUINT could represent single-phase vapors, single-phase liquids, and two-phase fluids, but not condensable vapors within mixtures. Now SINDA/FLUINT can also represent a fluid mixture that includes a condensable vapor, one or more noncondensable gas(es), and one or more nonvolatile liquid(s). Inasmuch as condensable vapors are often important constituents of two-phase fluids, the upgraded SINDA/FLUINT is more useful as an engineering software tool in general and for designing and analyzing liquid propulsion and environmental-control systems in particular. In addition, because of the added capability, fewer design iterations should be needed when using SINDA/FLUINT.

This work was done by Brent A. Cullimore of Cullimore and Ring Technologies, Inc., for Johnson Space Center. MSC-22816