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Using UVC LEDs to Reduce the Spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs)

According to FDA, contact with infected objects and medical devices is a leading cause of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Reducing HAIs by better understanding the effectiveness of antimicrobials, sterilization, and reprocessing of medical devices is one of the agency’s regulatory science priorities for 2017.

It is more critical than ever for healthcare OEMs to adopt technologies that will help reduce HAIs, thereby improving clinician safety and safeguarding patient outcomes both in the hospital and after returning home. Integrating UVC LED technology can be a key differentiator for OEMs as they look for new methods to address the growing HAI problem.

This Webinar looks at how R&D departments and product engineers can satisfy specific target log reductions by understanding dosage as it relates to exposure time and UVC intensity.


Mark Pizzuto, Director of Global Product Management – Disinfection, Crystal IS

Rajul Randive, Director of Applications Engineering, Crystal IS

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