Webinars: Medical

Adding Value to Additive Manufacturing, Creative Solutions using Bioresorbable Polymers

Join Poly-Med’s CTO, M. Scott Taylor, Ph.D. for his presentation, “Adding Value to Additive Manufacturing, Creative solutions using bioresorbable polymers.” Dr. Taylor’s talk will highlight the unique chemistry behind bioresorbable polymers and the newest platforms to design medical devices using additive manufacturing.

About Poly-Med, Inc.:

Poly-Med is the leader in the design and production of bioresorbable products. With the ability to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of innovative medical product manufacturers, Poly-Med is the only vertically integrated company that can deliver the highest quality solutions in the most efficient manner.

Poly-Med customers have a creative partner they can trust and count on to help them bring their solutions to market. With a deep heritage in bioresorbable technologies, Poly-Med is the partner of choice for today’s demanding medical industry. Visit www.poly-med.com for more information.


M. Scott Taylor, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, Poly-Med, Inc.