Non-Intrusive Heart Valve Replacement Procedure

Existing medical solutions for congestive heart failure and heart valve disease usually involve major surgery that cuts into the heart itself, or a heart transplant. Bret Park, a mechanical engineer at Diesel Power Source of South Jordan, UT, has developed a procedure to replace leaking or regurgitating heart valves without touching the heart. The One-Way Heart Assist Valve technology can be placed upstream or downstream from the heart and the function is very similar to having a good valve inside the heart. Multiple instances of the new valves may be used in several veins or arteries to help make the heart efficient again. The pressures and stresses on the arterial and vein walls will increase between the One-Way Heart Assist Valve and the heart. To address this issue, a patent-pending sleeve and/or stent can be placed between the valve and the heart vein. Park holds several patents related to automotive, medical, drilling, and fluid dynamics and is trying to raise sufficient funds for the One-Way Heart Assist Valve through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo  so that animal testing can begin.