GOAT: Jumping Tripodal Robot Leg Shifts in All Directions


Simon Kalouche, a researcher Carnegie Mellon University, introduces a new kind of robot leg called GOAT (Gearless Omni-directional Acceleration-vectoring Topology) for improved dynamic motion. The tripodal leg can shift in all directions versus only forward and backward like most traditional robotic legs, allowing a robot with the leg to change direction quickly and navigate rough terrain. This video shows preliminary experiments of the leg on a 1-DoF test-rig demonstrating its jumping maneuvers and virtual compliance during landing. GOAT uses direct-drive actuators and proprioceptive force sensing to achieve high-fidelity virtual compliance. It can jump over 32 inches in the air - more than twice its own height. Kalouche hopes to be able to integrate external electronic and power components into the leg itself and eventually utilize the leg design in a variety of robots.