The Boeing Company has developed fiber-laser-amplifier technology representing the latest in diode-laser-pumped systems, providing high output power, high brightness, tunability, frequency-doubled output, multi-wavelength amplification, and narrow linewidth operation. The technology is a proven scaleable architecture capable of continuous-wave power output from watts to kilowatts. Using Raman conversion techniques and frequency-doubling techniques, Boeing's technology can meet the needs of many applications by providing access to a wide range of wavelengths. Boeing has been issued two patents on the technology: No. 5,212,707 ("Array of Diffraction-Limited Lasers and Method of Aligning Same," 1993) and No. 5,694,408 ("Fiber Optic Laser System and Associated Lasing Method," 1997).

Single-Stage Amplifier Results: High-power amplification.

The industrial, scientific, and military laser markets are all demanding high performance and lower cost. Boeing's fiber laser technology is capable of meeting the demands of these markets by providing a low-cost, high-performance technology that can be ruggedized for use in military systems. Since the fiber laser modules provide usable power at all levels, the same laser modules used in industrial, medical, and scientific instruments can also be used in large-scale military systems.

Narrow-Linewidth Amplifier Results: High-power narrow-linewidth amplification.

The Boeing Company has demonstrated amplification of laser sources with linewidths as narrow as 15 kHz, has proven the scaleable system architecture, and is able to convert the wavelength of the primary laser beam via Raman conversion and frequency doubling. Boeing has developed designs for individual laser modules, laser amplifiers, Raman converters, and frequency doublers.

Raman Conversion in Fiber Amplifier: Wavelength conversion.

Potential applications include industrial cutting, welding, and soldering; laser surgery; laser printing; uranium isotope separation; laser light shows; remote sensing; noncooperative target identification; personnel detection; ladar; laser countermeasures; guide-star for adaptive optics systems; laser communications; repeaterless communications; and a laser video projector.

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