MakerBot, Brooklyn, NY, introduced the Method 3D printer that bridges the gap between desktop and industrial 3D printing. The printer includes a circulating heated chamber, dual performance extruders, precision PVA water-soluble supports, dry-sealed material bays, and an ultra-rigid metal frame. It also includes built-in sensors and automation features and produces repeatable and consistent parts with ±0.2-mm dimensional accuracy and vertical layer uniformity and cylindricity. The heated chamber provides full active heat immersion during the duration of the print, and printed materials cool at a controlled rate. A dual-drive gear system grips the material securely and provides a consistent feed of material into the hot end to produce consistent geometry. Dissolvable supports enable easy support removal without compromising part design or dimensional accuracy. Sealed bays keep filament clean and reduce moisture absorption. MakerBot Print Software integrates with 25 popular CAD programs. A built-in onboard camera allows users to monitor print progress remotely with the MakerBot Mobile app.

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