Battelle Memorial Institute was founded in the early part of the 20th century as a charitable trust focused on research in metallurgy and allied industries. Founder Gordon Battelle studied metallurgy at Yale and strongly believed that science could help businesses solve their problems. In 1923, Battelle died and left $1.5 million to create Battelle Memorial Institute for the purpose of education and for making discoveries and inventions. In 1929, Battelle opened for business in Columbus, OH.

Battelle Barricade™ provides fast, nondestructive authentication of integrated circuits and microchips. Composed of signal acquisition hardware and software installed at customer sites, the system collects and transmits a user/component fingerprint to a remote, authenticated server for classification.

The largest private, non-profit research and development organization in the world, Battelle’s vision is to be a major force in science and technology discovery and in the translation of knowledge into innovative applications that have significant societal and economic impacts. Government and commercial customers seek out Battelle because of a reputation in providing high-quality engineering, scientific, management, logistical, and analytical solutions.

Battelle also has a substantial management role at the following national laboratories for the Department of Energy: Brookhaven National Lab, Idaho National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, National Renewable Energy Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, and Pacific Northwest National Lab. It manages the National Biodefense Analysis & Countermeasures Center for the Department of Homeland Security. These national laboratories deliver capabilities that drive scientific discovery.

Government Offerings

Battelle’s government offerings span focus areas in five major categories: National Security, Homeland Security & Public Safety, Energy, Environment, and Health.

National Security. For decades, Battelle has been a source of mission-ready solutions that protect people, secure the homeland, and save lives. The latest advances in science and technology are translated into products and services that make the world safer on the ground, in the air, at sea, and across the digital frontier.

Aerospace systems solutions include avionics modernization, in-flight aircraft deicing technology, and missile defense systems and support. Other areas of focus are threat assessment, detection, and identification, as well as mission support services, medical surveillance and diagnostics, and chemical demilitarization.

Battelle enables robust cybersecurity through advanced R&D by creating security solutions that combine hardware and software vulnerability discovery, reverse engineering, and cyber forensics. Other focus areas are intelligence analytics and supply chain assurance, which keeps clone or counterfeit electronic components out of the supply chain.

HeatCoat™ technology for in-flight aircraft ice protection uses a high-conductivity carbon nanotube heating coating that conforms to the existing skin of the aircraft and utilizes intelligent sensors and controls to reduce ice accumulation without compromising flight performance.

Battelle delivers high-technology deployable equipment and engineered product solutions that increase service life of fielded equipment, improve mission performance in extreme operating environments, and provide threat protection for the military. Battelle’s vehicles provide on- and off-road performance for military, security, and commercial needs. Other capabilities include multi-functioning, reliable, rugged equipment for the warfighter, and autonomy and advanced robotics expertise.

Battelle’s maritime research and development has resulted in deployed components for mission-critical systems operating at sea. Capabilities include maritime energy systems that extend mission duration, vehicle and equipment lifecycle engineering, integrated sensor systems for ocean and subsea environments, undersea vehicle design and development, and software for underwater vehicles, sensors, and systems.

Homeland Security & Public Safety. Safeguarding assets like nuclear power plants, Department of Defense buildings, airports, and mass transit systems from natural disasters, terrorist threats, and man-made disasters is essential to protecting our citizens. Battelle works with clients in transportation systems, government and military facilities, dams and levees, and chemical facilities to enhance and protect critical infrastructure.

The LS10™ Liquid Bottle Scanner detects explosive components in liquids, making it possible for travelers and visitors to safely carry liquids, gels, and aerosols through security checkpoints. In use around the world, LS10 distinguishes threat liquids from benign substances and alerts security personnel to suspicious contents quickly and accurately.

To help the U.S. Department of Homeland Security respond to and recover quickly from acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other emergencies, Battelle provides capabilities in forensic genomics for crime investigation and disease outbreak monitoring.

Energy. Battelle’s experience in energy R&D and knowledge of the oil and gas industry accelerates innovation and advances the frontiers of science and technology to improve operation, control costs, and meet sustainability goals and standards. Capabilities in the energy field include solutions for subsurface resource management, coatings and materials for use in high pressures and high temperatures, data analytics, developing and testing sensors, and pipeline integrity analysis.

Environment. Battelle’s expertise in environmental protection includes solutions in air quality, analytical chemistry, environmental restoration and site remediation, ecology and climatology, environmental health, marine and coastal services, and sediment management.

Health. Organizations work with Battelle for medical device development, science, and experienced laboratory support. Battelle works with federal agencies, healthcare providers, and medical device companies to improve public health and patient outcomes and translate today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s medical devices. Device security, drug delivery, usability and testing, and human-centric design of medical devices are focus areas, as well as preclinical research and public health policy.

Commercial Offerings

The DroneDefender® device is a directed-energy unmanned aircraft system (UAS) countermeasure. It quickly disrupts control of the drone, neutralizing it so that no remote action — including detonation — can occur, minimizing drone damage and risk to public safety.

Commercial offerings focus on areas of Agribusiness, Oil & Gas, Health, and Industry Solutions.

Agribusiness. From precision farming methods to complex environmental fate projects, Battelle delivers agribusiness solutions that lead to new products while maintaining safety and sustainability within the global food system. Expert scientists perform testing and analysis, develop new products, and provide regulatory and risk assessments. Innovation areas include bioformulation, biotechnology, conventional formulation, physical chemistry studies, plant and animal metabolism, quality assurance, and residue studies.

Oil & Gas. Environmental solutions for unconventional oil and gas operations, sensors and equipment for deepwater siting and monitoring, carbon management solutions, and advanced materials for infrastructure integrity are main focus areas. Data analytics, coatings and materials, sensors, and subsurface resource management are all areas of expertise.

Health. Medical devices, preclinical research, and hospital services are all areas of Battelle’s health expertise. Hospital services include laboratory support and science. Medical device development, from design to evaluation and commercialization, are provided. Preclinical research is conducted in world-class facilities to meet technical, development, and regulatory needs for commercial companies.

Industry Solutions. Battelle accelerates development timelines for industry, from end-to-end development support to a tweak to a product or packaging. Solutions for industry include development of advanced materials, food and beverage risk assessment, mass spectrometry, packaging and processing, product formulation analysis, regulatory support for tobacco products, and manufacturing are available. Battelle REBS™ (Rapid, Enumerated Bio-identification System) non-destructively detects and identifies microbial contamination in the air, in raw materials, in-process fluids, or in finished products.

The Rapid, Enumerated Bioidentification System (REBS™) non-destructively detects and identifies microbial contamination in the air, in raw materials, in process fluids, or finished products within minutes from a single test sample.


In the early years, Battelle made advances in metals and material sciences and landed its first federal contract in 1939 to supply tank armor leading into World War II. Battelle’s reputation in metallurgy led to fabricating uranium — at the time, an almost unknown metal — for the Manhattan Project.

Battelle’s innovations have included contributions to the Xerox copy machine, cruise control, the compact disc, and barcodes. Other technologies developed and launched by Battelle include:

  • Development of vaccines and therapeutics for infectious disease threats.

  • Improved neonatal respiratory treatments.

  • Hyperelastic materials to deliver superior-performing crash barriers for car racing circuits.

  • DroneDefender technology that protects air spaces from the potential adverse effects of unauthorized drones.

  • LS10 Technology in use at airport security checkpoints around the globe to screen liquids and identify potential security threats.

  • Runway deicing fluid to reduce the environmental burden of de-icing airplanes while maintaining flight safety standards.

  • Polyol technology that helps reduce our reliance on petroleum by enabling a bio-based polyurethane foam for applications such as automobile seating and more.

  • Drug delivery technology that allows people with dexterity limitations to self-inject their own viscous therapeutics.

  • A method to improve direct coal liquefaction utilizing a biomass-derived solvent that will change the way jet fuel is produced.

  • Bio-based toner that is easier to remove during recycling than traditional toner materials.

  • EMAlert™, a secure, comprehensive, and intuitive software tool that enables food manufacturers to rapidly analyze and understand food tampering vulnerabilities.

  • NeuroLife® Neural Bypass Technology brain-computer interface that empowers paralyzed patients to regain conscious control of their fingers, hand, and wrist.

Technology Transfer

Battelle helps commercial clients across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, by offering innovative technology solutions.

For more information, contact Vicki A. Barbur, Ph.D., Senior Director of IP and Technology Commercialization, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 614-424-5640.