The Story Behind the First Smart Shoe – PUMA's RS Computer Shoe

In the early 1980s, PUMA owner Armin Dassler challenged his sports science advisor Dr. Peter Cavanagh to create something that would make his sneaker company a true technology leader. Dr. Cavanagh's idea was to turn the shoe into a computer. Tech Briefs caught up with Dr. Cavanagh to talk about the past and future of wearable technology. PUMA's current Global Director of Innovation Charles Johnson also told Tech Briefs, “In order to know the future you need to know your past.”

Today's wearables are being used to collect unprecedented amounts of data. We explore what's being done with this data in this episode of Here’s an Idea, featuring Dr. Cavanagh, former NFL player Chris Borland, former NFL coach John Shoop, and ESPN writer Greg Wyshynski. Listen to the episode and learn more here.

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