Clearly, the Internet of Things is a major focus of exhibitors, attendees, and conference sessions at Sensors Expo  this week in San Jose, CA. From sensors for wearables to systems of sensors for large industrial applications, the IoT is one of this year’s hot topics.

A conference track dedicated to the IoT included a presentation by SST Wireless Inc. President & CEO, Christopher Chong, who addressed wireless industrial sensors and the company’s “journey of innovation and discovery.”

Chong highlighted why developing and manufacturing wireless sensors for industrial use is not as easy as it seems. Environmental and operational requirements are vastly different from consumer or commercial applications. In addition, small to mid-sized industrial companies have unique barriers to implementing IoT sensing that larger enterprises do not face.

For example, explained Chong, many smaller industrial users simply do not know how to use the data obtained by these sensors in an optimal way. This barrier is in addition to cost constraints and other considerations that face smaller companies. The key, he said, is democratizing big data using small sensors that can be easily configured and ready to provide real-time analytics in minutes.

SST Wireless – based in Richmond, BC, Canada – designs and manufactures purpose-built sensors, gateways, and applications to address challenges faced by operators of industrial equipment and heavy-duty vehicles.