Ben Sharfi, the founder and CEO of General Micro Systems (GMS), had a grin that virtually lit up his entire booth. “Let me show you the Product of the Year,” he exclaimed as I walked into the booth.

I’ve known Ben for about 20 years now, and he’s never been modest about his company’s technology. Frankly, he doesn’t need to be. GMS consistently comes up with some of the most innovative computers in the military market. Take his self-anointed “Product of the Year,” for example.

The “Titan” SMB is a rugged, expandable 1U/2U fanless, Intel scalable Xeon server that comes with Dual or Quad Intel Scalable Xeon processors with up to 28 cores (2.50 GHz) and Turbo Boost (3.80 GHz). You can get up to 1TB DDR4 ECC memory per CPU, up to 10 PCIe Gen3 add-in cards, 3x UPI (10.4 GT/s) interconnects for HPEC, SMP, or NUMA architecture, 16x SSDs (SATA/SAS/NVMe Gen3) in removable cartridges, dual-redundant MIL-STD-1275 500W power supplies, and 8 copper/fiber 1/10/40 Gb Ethernet ports.

That’s a lot of computing power in a very small box, relatively speaking. But the most amazing part is that it has no fans whatsoever! None. It’s all air and conduction cooled.

How do they do it? Ben wasn’t quite ready to reveal that least on the record. He will, he good time.

Until then, he’s content showing off his latest “Product of the Year” and letting his competitors try to figure out how it works.