'AuraRing': Electromagnetic Finger Tracking Wearable

Researchers at the University of Washington  have developed the "AuraRing" ring and wristband wearable device that detects the exact location of a user's index finger and continuously tracks hand movements. AuraRing could detect the onset of Parkinson’s disease by tracking subtle hand tremors, or help with stroke rehabilitation by providing feedback on hand movement exercises. The ring emits a signal that is picked up by the wristband, which can then identify the position and orientation of the ring (and the finger). AuraRing is made up of a coil of wire wrapped 800 times around a 3D-printed ring. A current running through the wire generates a magnetic field, which is detected by three sensors on the wristband. The device can even pick up handwriting, potentially for quick responses to text messages, and could enable the user to have a virtual reality avatar hand.