Data Storage Boards

Annapolis Micro Systems, Annapolis, MD, offers 100-GbE storage boards. The WILDSTAR 6SN0 6U OpenVPX board features 64.0 TB of capacity in a single 1" 6U slot and up to 10 GB/sec read/write bandwidth.

The WILDSTAR 3SN0 3U OpenVPX board features 32.0 TB of capacity in a single 1" 3U slot and up to 5 GB/sec read/write bandwidth. They feature 25 Gbps+ FPGA transceivers and MULTIGIG RT3 backplane interconnects that deliver 100 Gb per fat pipe.

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Modular Plug

Stewart Connector, a Bel group company. Glen Rock, PA, released the Ml2 X-Cocle Field Terminatable Plug for environments where rugged connectors are needed to power and communicate with equipment widely found in manufacturing environments.

The design features eight positions to enable Ethernet connectivity and data transmission and supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase-T) transfer rates. It provides termination without the need for specialty tooling.

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Equipment Enclosures

Transtector Systems, Irvine, CA, introduced TESS-series NEMA-rated, weatherproof, stainless steel equipment enclosures that feature 16-gauge, brushed 304 stainless steel construction.

The products feature fully gasketed vented lids with filters, 120V and 240V power with outlets, integral welded mounting flange, 316 stainless steel hinges with removable pins, and heaters, fans, and DIN-rail equipment mounting options.

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3D Scanner

Capture 3D, Santa Ana, CA, announced the ATOS Q blue light 3D scanner that provides a digital blueprint of parts, components, assemblies, tooling, and molds.

The product captures millions of points through quick scans to create a high-definition file with intricate feature detail whether the object material is cast, metal formed, or injection molded. It features 8 million or 12 million points per scan, a bright blue LED Light Equalizer, and Triple Scan technology that reduces the number of individual scans needed.

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Computing System

The CPU-163-16 fanless, rugged module from Eurotech, Amaro, Italy, is a COM Express Type 10 module with a Mini form factor (84 × 55 mm).

It features the Intel Atom E3900 processor family with two and four cores, up to 8 GB ECC RAM and up to 64GB eMMC. The module offers resistance to shock and vibration, extended operating temperature range, a full soldered down design (CPU, RAM, and Flash), and optional conformal coating.

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Circuit Breakers

Eaton FAZ-NA and FAZ-NA-L series current-limiting miniature circuit breakers from AutomationDirect, Cumming, GA, offer protection for feeder, branch, and control circuits up to 63 amps.

The DIN-rail mountable circuit breakers are available with B, C, or D trip characteristics in accordance with UL 489. Designed for dual-rated AC or DC applications, single-pole, two-pole, and three-pole models are available. The current limiting design provides short circuit interruption that reduces damaging let-through energy.

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Air Transducer

AIRMAR® Technology Corp., Milford, NH, offers the ultrasonic ART15 Airducer ®, an air transducer for long-range level measurement of both solids and liquids.

It provides a 60-meter range, is not affected by color or object transparency, and can be utilized in dark environments. The transducer also comes equipped with a built-in thermistor that provides ambient temperature.

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Crystek Corp., Fort Myers, FL, offers the CVCO55CCN-0795-0805 voltage-controlled oscillator that operates from 795 MHz to 805 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5V ~ 4.5V.

It features a typical phase noise of -123 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset. Output power is typically +8 dBm; input voltage is 5V, with a typical current consumption of 35 mA. Pulling and pushing are minimized to 0.5 MHz and 0.2 MHz/V, respectively.

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Matrix Switch Modules

Pickering Interfaces, Chelmsford, MA, announced 12-slot BRIC configurations for 40-562B and 40-558 PXI matrix switch modules.

The 40-562B can hold up to 18 matrix daughtercards with up to 3168 crosspoints; the 40-558 can hold up to 18 matrix daughtercards with up to 9216 crosspoints. The modules are constructed with ruthenium reed relays.

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Cable Connectors

Binder USA, Camarillo, CA, introduced Series 763 M12-A connectors with plastic threaded rings.

The IP68-rated male and female cable connectors are available with 3, 4, 5, 8, or 12 gold-plated contacts in a molded UV-resistant nylon (PA) housing. The plastic connectors are for use in factory control systems and electrical equipment requiring IP68 protection.

Ready-to-connect cable sets are available with 2- or 5-meter cable lengths.

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Frame Grabbers

The Claxon-CXP4 CoaXPress frame grabbers from BitFlow, Woburn, MA, are quad CXP-12 PCIe Gen 3 frame grabbers that transmit video at 12.5 Gb/S.

The units are CoaXPress 1.0/1.1/2.0-compliant and support one to four CXP-12 cameras at speeds from 3.25 to 12.50 Gb/S. They support simultaneous capture from four CXP-12 cameras, use micro BNC connectors, and provide power for all cameras (up to 13 Watts per link).

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Connector Backshells

Positronic, Springfield, MO, offers lightweight aluminum backshells for Dsubminiature (D-sub) connectors that incude straight exit, side exit, and low-profile designs. The shape maximizes the internal area, which facilitates harness assembly.

The products are available with jackscrews or a quick disconnect locking device and feature no obstruction behind any portion of the connector body.

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L-com, North Andover, MA, introduced M8 field termination connectors suitable for terminating 20AWG to 23AWG conductors. They are IP67 rated and available in male or female versions with three positions.

Features include a two-piece, Quick Terminate design and a temperature range from -25 °C to +80 °C. Applications include actuators, I/O connectivity, industrial control and factory automation, sensors or miniature sensor applications, and test equipment.

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Current Sensors

Allegro MicroSystems, Manchester, NH, announced the ACS37002 Hall-effect current sensor.

The sensor features 400-kHz bandwidth up to 180 A with low offset and better than 1% typical total accuracy over the full -40 to 150 °C temperature range.

The devices offer differential sensing for high immunity to external magnetic field disturbances and are available in three surface-mount package options that optimize low-noise, high-isolation, or lowest-in-class internal power loss.

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Pressure Mapping Module

Tekscan, Boston, MA, introduced the PM64 pressure mapping scanning electronics module that consists of an ultra-thin pressure sensor, scanning electronics, and analysis software for analyzing pressure distribution in real time.

Pressure mapping technology helps verify finite element analysis models or make adjustments in machine tooling to improve production processes.

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Signal Analyzers

Measurement Computing Corp., Norton, MA, released the DT9857E Series of dynamic signal analyzers that features eight or 16 high-resolution, 24-bit, simultaneous analog inputs and sample rates up to 105.4 kS/sec per channel.

Also included are one tachometer input and 16 digital I/O. Each device features BNC connectors for attaching IEPE-compatible sensors like accelerometers and microphones. Software support includes QuickDAQ data logging and FFT analysis software.

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Single-Board Computer

Abaco Systems, Huntsville, AL, announced the DSP221 rugged 6U VME and VXS single-board computer that provides high-speed Ethernet fabric support.

It features Power Architecture AMP CPU with eight e6500 virtual cores, 8-GB DDR3 SDRAM with ECC Single Bank, 512-MB NOR Flash, 32-GB NAND Flash solid-state drive, 512-kB non-volatile nvSRAM, two independent PMC/XMC sites, two 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, two RS-232 ports, four single-ended GPIO, and a Baseboard Management Module.

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RF Signal Generators

SIGLENT Technologies, Solon, OH, introduced the SSG5000X and SSG5000X-V Series RF signal generators for RF testing that can source analog and vector signals up to 4 GHz or 6 GHz.

They feature phase noise specification of -120 dBc (@1 GHz/20 kHz offset) and come standard with a 5" touch display.

The SSG5000X incorporates a Web server for remote control over Ethernet.

The SSG5000X-V vector signal generator is designed for advanced applications like receiver testing.

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Manufacturing Software

DP Technology, Camarillo, CA, announced ESPRIT 2020 computer-aided manufacturing software that includes new or improved solutions for 200 different Swiss-type machine models.

The software also includes updated support for CAD software such as SolidWorks 2020, SolidEdge 2020, PTC Creo 6, and NX 1847.

The improved CAD support allows users to better design and visualize parts before manufacturing begins.

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Level Sensor

Balluff, Florence, KY, offers a block-style capacitive smart level sensor with IO-Link for applications with highly conductive fluids.

It uses smart level 50 technology to compensate for foam and deposit buildup. IO-Link’s automatic parameter setting allows the user to see the upper and lower hysteresis values; once unplugged, the sensor goes into standard I/O mode (SIO).

The sensor detects fluid levels through non-metallic containers up to 10 mm thick.

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Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Liberty, SC, released 85 °C THA Series Thinpack capacitors that are 8.2 mm thick, and 9 mm for the 105 °C THAS Series.

A single THA/THAS capacitor can replace an entire board full of SMT, axial, or radial aluminum electrolytic or solid tantalum capacitance arrays.

The capacitors have sealed, laser-welded aluminum cases to eliminate end seal gaskets. The design includes a valve to vent hydrogen gas buildup that may otherwise cause pressure-related swelling.

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IIoT Controller

The CP2E Series controller from Omron Automation Americas, Hoffman Estates, IL, provides control that enables Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity for compact machines.

It collects machine performance data and shares the necessary information with enterprise networks, while the predefined program data and function blocks allow virtually anyone to set up machines to perform complex control.

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