Single-Frequency SWIR Laser

Beyond Photonics LLC (Boulder, CO) released the Swift, a very compact, rugged piezo-tunable single-frequency solid-state laser, initially offered near 2050 nm wavelength but capable of being adapted to many other near- and shortwave-IR wavelengths. Exhibiting high cw output power (> 35 mW standard; up to 100 mW optional) and less than 10 kHz/ms short-term frequency jitter, the Swift is suitable for use as a master and local oscillator source in lidar systems.

The Swift laser product is initially offered using Tm,Ho:YLF operating at selected center wavelengths in the 2048-2058 nm region (with 2065 region as an option) with more than 10 GHz single- frequency tuning using an integral piezo actuator and even wider tuning using temperature.

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High-Temperature Infrared Emitter

Opto Diode Corporation (Camarillo, CA), an ITW company, has introduced the OD-110LISOLHT, a high-power, gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared light-emitting diode (IRLED) illuminator. With a narrow angle of emission and a wide temperature rating, the new IR emitter is suitable for applications in industrial and defense/military tasks, such as exterior covert lighting on aircraft.

Total power output of the OD-110LISOLHT ranges from 50 mW (minimum) to 100 mW (typical), and features a storage and operating temperature of -65°C to +150°C. Peak emission wavelength is 880 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 55 nm (typical). The half intensity beam angle is 7 degrees (typical). The forward voltage is from 1.75 volts (typical) to 2 volts (maximum) with reverse breakdown voltage ranging from 5 volts (minimum) to 30 volts (typical). Other features include rise and fall times of 20 nanoseconds, respectively.

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Infrared Cameras

The Calibir GXM cai Teledyne DALSA (Waterloo, Canada) features the latest micro bolometer sensor, designed, fabricated, and packaged in their own foundry. With great sensitivity in the longwave infrared range (8-12 μm), it features both shutter and shutterless operation and rapid image output on power-up while delivering uniform response over the entire operating temperature range, making it suitable for thermal imaging systems requiring uninterrupted image acquisition. The GXM series also offers our own advanced 21-bit ADC design for unparalleled intra-scene dynamic range without the need for a gain reduction, allowing for the best possible NETD over a vast range of temperature (>600°C).

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Blue Light Hazard Testing System

Gamma Scientific (San Diego, CA) has released its Blue Light Hazard testing system. The system utilizes the RadOMA GS-1220 spectroradiometer coupled with an aperture or integrating sphere, depending on customer measurement requirements, offering evaluation and classification of displays and luminaires according to IEC 62471 and IEC/TR 62778.

The system provides a spectral range from 300 nm to 700 nm with integrated software for fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements. Risk group classifications range from Exempt to High Risk (Group 3). This spectroradiometer offers viewing angles ranging from 0.1° to 5° and a polarization error less than 1%, reducing uncertainty while increasing accuracy and repeatability. Each Blue Light Hazard Testing system is calibrated in an NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP lab code 200823-0) using NIST- traceable standards to ensure continued accuracy and reliability.

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Camera Link Frame Grabbers

Matrox® Imaging (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) recently announced additions to its Matrox Rapixo series of frame grabbers with the release of the Matrox Rapixo CL Pro, with support for the highest performance Camera Link® cameras on the market. Each Pro board delivers onboard image processing offload to field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices, high frame-rate image capture, support for extended cable lengths, and reliable image acquisition.

Matrox Rapixo CL Pro models make use of an FPGA device from the Xilinx Kintex™ -7 family, directly integrating control, format, and stream logic onto the frame grabber itself. Paired with the Matrox FDK, a powerful development kit, the Pro models support development of custom FPGA configurations to relieve the host system of intensive image-processing functions.

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UV-Visible-NIR Polarization Spectroscopy

CRAIC Technologies (San Dimas, CA) announced the addition of UV-visible-NIR polarization microscope spectroscopy capabilities to CRAIC microspectrophotometers. This feature is offered as a package that allows users to measure polarization spectra in either transmission or reflectance modes. With the ability to measure polarization microspectra™ in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared regions, the UV-visible-NIR polarization package represents a new tool for both materials science and biological research.

CRAIC Technology’s polarization package consists of optics and hardware designed to be added to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers. As such, it can be used to measure the polarization spectra in both transmission and incident illumination modes. Uniquely, the optics are designed to operate in the spectral range from the ultraviolet through to the near infrared regions.

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Mid-Wave Infrared Thermal Camera

FLIR Systems (Meer, Belgium) has announced the FLIR RS8500 mid-wave infrared (MWIR) thermal camera designed for range tracking, science, and measurement applications. A new addition to FLIR Systems’ science camera series, the high-performance RS8500 combines a mid-wave infrared detector and telescope in a single weatherproof housing built for measurement accuracy of long-range and high-temperature targets in harsh environments.

The RS8500 allows for superior measurement accuracy through a MWIR detector, which provides high-definition, large-format thermal images with the ability to deliver data up to 180 frames per second, coupled with a high-resolution, 120-1200-millimeter continuous metric zoom lens. This provides maximum situational awareness at wider fields of view and zoom capabilities at longer focal lengths to maximize the number of pixels on a target at any distance. The camera also has the capability to image through neutral density filters, ensuring that hot targets do not look saturated.

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Dual-Mode Automotive Image Sensor

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) announced the OV2312 automotive image sensor, which enables multiple functions in one camera. The ability to capture both RGB and IR images with one global shutter (GS) sensor reduces the number of cameras and total system cost. The OV2312 enables those dual-mode cameras with motion-artifact-free images at high resolutions of 1600x1300 at 60 fps and 1280 × 720 at 90 fps. Additionally, because this is the smallest 2MP GS sensor in its class — offered in a 7.2 × 6.1 mm automotive chip-scale package — cameras can be placed out of sight from drivers and passengers.

For operation without visible light, the OV2312 features the 3.0-micron OmniPixel®3-GS architecture, which provides near-infrared quantum efficiency of 14% at the 940 nm wavelength. To further ensure top DSM performance while minimizing power consumption, the OV2312 can be synchronized with the on/off pulses of the system’s IR light source.

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High-Resolution Infrared Spectrometer

Infrared spectrometers from McPherson (Chelmsford, MA) provide spectroscopic capability to interrogate the feature-rich region of long-wave infrared. Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) refers to multispectral data collected in the 8 to 14 μm wavelength range. McPherson’s dispersive spectrometers are now easier to use in the IR because devices, like uncooled bolometer arrays, readily couple to the exit focal plane.

McPherson dispersive spectrometers measure and tune specific wavelengths of light. They are delivered with diffraction gratings selected for your application. Grating groove density and optimum blaze wavelengths range from ultraviolet and visible wavelengths 0.2 up to 20 microns long-wave infrared (LWIR). Gold, silver and other optical coatings enhance performance in the IR. They also now provide ample, accessible space and a mechanically robust platform for mounting infrared arrays.

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Expanded Beam (XB) Lensed Ferrule Connectors

DIAMOND SA (Losone, Switzerland) has introduced the Expanded Beam (XB) lensed ferrule series, a novel modular, single-mode lensed ferrule. Its compact form-factor design fits into standard connector bodies (i.e. E-2000™, MPO, MIL-38999, etc.), offering insensitivity to contamination and mating-cycle reliability, typically found in bulky harsh environment lensed connectors.

The alignment accuracy between a fiber and a lens must be under 1 μm in order to attain acceptable insertion losses, which is normally difficult to obtain. To achieve this level of accuracy, DIAMOND uses exceedingly precise components and unique assembly techniques, keeping ultra-low mechanical tolerances in the processing of ceramics and opto-mechanical components. The result is a highly repeatable, low insertion loss ferrule, that opens new perspectives in the context of optical connections, where mating-cycles, dust insensitivity, reliability and low losses are required.

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Laser Diagnostics Tool

Luxinar (Kingston Upon Hull, UK) has integrated a new diagnostics web server into the OEM 45iX laser that displays real-time internal environment information from the laser in an easily accessible manner. The laser can be connected directly to the PC via Ethernet or connected to the local network. If connected to the local network, any device that runs a modern web browser can access the diagnostics tool.

A local diagnostics tool desktop application has also been developed for communication with industrial lasers. This tool provides the same functionality and is designed to be compatible with the previous version OEM 45iX, a good solution for customers who already own the older builds of the OEM 45iX. Currently offered for the OEM 45iX, Luxinar’s 450W sealed CO2 laser source, the company plans to extend availability to its OEM 65iX 650W laser source and other lasers in the Luxinar range in the future.

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