Near Eye Display Measurement System

Gamma Scientific (San Diego, CA) is developing a new line of the NED-LMD Near-Eye Display Measurement System, which will assist the user with obtaining a 158° wide field-of-view characterization of upcoming augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and heads-up displays (AR, VR, MR and HUDs), while also conforming to the NED metrology standards being developed by the ICDM committee of the SID and IEC. Its small 5mm entrance pupil emulates the human eye, while a motorized focus lens is utilized to automatically focus on the virtual image between infinity to 25 cm. It is coupled with the GS-1290 spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific, which ensures high spectral precision and color accuracy with high sensitivity and high dynamic range.

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VCSEL Module Technology

New VCSEL module technology developed by ROHM (Kyoto, Japan) makes it possible to modularize the VCSEL and MOSFET elements used to drive a laser light source into a single package. By minimizing the wiring length between elements, the performance of each element is maximized, resulting in a light source capable of short pulse drive (under 10ns) that reduces susceptibility to external noise from sunlight while enabling up to 30% higher output over conventional solutions. As a result, when evaluating ROHM’s VCSEL module technology in spatial recognition and ranging systems comprised of a control IC, TOF sensor (light receiving element), and laser light source (VCSEL module), the amount of light reflected to the TOF sensor is increased by 30% over conventional configurations, contributing to improved accuracy in TOF systems.

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High-Speed Video Measuring System

The NEXIV VMZ-S3020 CNC video measuring system from Nikon Metrology, Inc. – Americas (Brighton, MI) is suitable for inspecting a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, electronic, molded, cast and pressed components that fall within its 300 × 200 × 200 mm working volume.

Nikon’s proprietary optical measuring, image processing and analysis technologies are employed to detect feature edges at very high speed, capturing accurately and automatically the shape and dimensions of even the most complex components.

Fast laser scanning (1,000 points/sec) can rapidly acquire the cross-sectional shape of a surface and evaluate the relative heights, meeting the measurement needs across a wide variety of samples.

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Bandpass Filters

MidOpt® (Palatine, IL) has introduced the BP450 Indigo Bandpass and the BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass, two new filters designed for multi-application use.

The BP450 is designed to enhance the viewing of subjects illuminated by a 450nm blue LED. The BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass is suitable for use with 3D blue laser triangulation systems used for measuring position, distance, level, displacement, proximity and profiles of objects.

As with all MidOpt Bandpass filters, the BP450 and BN450 are both manufactured with MidOpt StablEDGE® technology and are also both coated with the MidOpt BBAR anti-reflection coating.

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High-Performance Beam Collimators

Optical Surfaces Ltd. (Surrey, UK) announced a new series of high-performance beam collimators designed for Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) testing of optical systems. LW-series beam collimators incorporate a low expansion off-axis parabolic mirror, manufactured to better than lambda/10 p-v surface accuracy. The optics within the beam collimator are secured by the use of stress-free mounts and come pre-aligned for optimum performance. The off-axis design of LW-series beam collimators produces no central obscuration, thereby ensuring highly efficient transmission. The all-reflecting design of LW-series beam collimators is achromatic and with aluminum/magnesium fluoride coatings, can operate from the UV to the infrared without adjustment. Each system has an output port datum plane giving a defined distance to the focus.

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Optical BGA Inspection System

INSPECTIS AB (Solna, Sweden) announced the launch of its new side-view BGA inspection system, featuring the tiniest optical probe with built-in high-power lighting and a 90-degree viewing angle. The Inspectis BGA system produces high-resolution images of the extremely low-clearance areas beneath BGAs, μBGAs, CSP, CGA and FlipChip packages with as low as 40 microns standoff. The new INSPECTIS BGA Inspection System features a 5.0-megapixel USB3.0 digital microscope and integrated fiber brush-light mounted on a compact, robust stand with an XY-translation stage. A 180-degree pivoting mechanism facilitates easy alignment of the probe along 3 different sides of the BGA package. The BGA Inspection system is available in two system levels: Basics and ProX.

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Diode Laser

The Coherent (Santa Clara, CA) HighLight™ DL HPS is an industrial diode laser that offers high power output (1 kW to 4 kW) in a compact, self-contained package, making it particularly useful for systems integrators and end-users performing metal cladding, heat treating, brazing, and welding. The HighLight DL HPS utilizes an “all-in-one” configuration, meaning that the laser head, power supply, water chiller, and heat exchanger are all contained in a single enclosure that measures 670 mm × 1050 mm × 1760 mm. Another significant advantage of the HighLight DL HPS is that its conduction-cooled laser diodes enable the closed-loop chiller to utilize distilled water. The near-IR output is delivered through a detachable delivery fiber terminating in a choice of QBH or QD connector.

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Class 60 Coherent Modulator and Receiver

NeoPhotonics Corporation (San Jose, CA) announced the addition of Class 60 versions of its coherent driver-modulator (CDM) and intradyne coherent receiver (Micro-ICR) to its suite of high bandwidth coherent components, addressing the next generation of 100+ Gbaud systems. These new Class 60 coherent components extend the highest speed over distance performance of existing Class 50 products by increasing the 3 dB bandwidth from 50 GHz to 60 GHz. The Class 60 suite allows NeoPhotonics to provide a complete optical solution for 800 Gbps and above data rates for single wavelength transmission when combined with their ultra-narrow linewidth external cavity nano-tunable laser.

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Image Processing Software

The recently released software update for the IDS NXT platform from IDS Imaging Development Systems (Stoneham, MA) provides users of the all-in-one AI solution IDS NXT ocean with many new features. It extends the system’s AI capabilities to include object detection, offers turnkey solutions with vision apps and, with a new development environment, ensures that users can program their own image processing tasks and execute them as vision apps on their cameras. Using OPC UA, AI-based image processing can also be integrated directly into factory automation without writing a single line of code. The update is free and can be used with all IDS NXT cameras.

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UV Glass

Kopp Glass’ (Pittsburgh, PA) specialized 9530 UV glass composition is a proprietary glass formulation that offers high transmission across the UV and visible spectrum, including UV-B and UV-C regions used in sterilization and disinfection applications. This moldable material can be easily designed and supplied as custom cover lenses and optics to enhance UV lighting systems using either traditional (mercury vapor) or solid-state (UV LED) light sources. Unlike many polymer materials, Kopp’s 9530 UV Glass is engineered for resistance to impact, abrasive conditions, heat cycling, exposure to chemicals, and degradation from UV radiation exposure.

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Video Measurement System

Vision Engineering (New Milford, CT) has broadened its range of ‘LVC’ automated video measurement systems with the addition of LVC200, and higher specification ‘Plus’ variants. The LVC series now features 5MP or 6.4MP cameras, granite and aluminum bases for extra stability and precision stage, 6.5:1 or 12:1 motorized zoom and is the most advanced measuring system to date from Vision Engineering. LVC supports the use of a touch probe in all 3 axes, for a wide range of industrial measurement applications, including precision machining, casting, plastic molding, electronics and medical devices. The LVC range offers a choice of measuring capacities and fully automated movement in all 3 axes, making component measurement faster.

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Full HD Image Sensor

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) announced the OS02G10 security image sensor for high-volume security cameras requiring 1080p resolution and low-light pixel performance. The OS02G10 features a 2.8-micron pixel built on the OmniPixel®3-HS architecture, offering high quantum efficiency and an optimal signal-to-noise ratio. Compared with OmniVision’s prior-generation mainstream security sensor, it has a 60% better SNR1 and 40% lower power consumption. This sensor also offers an integrated dynamic defective pixel correction algorithm for optimal image quality, and a two-lane MIPI interface. It provides 2MP, 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.

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Fiber-to-SiPh PIC Coupling Chip

Optoscribe Ltd (Livingston, UK) has announced the launch of OptoCplrLT™, a monolithic glass chip for low-loss coupling to silicon photonics (SiPh) grating couplers. Created using Optoscribe’s proprietary high-speed laser writing technique, OptoCplrLT™ features low-loss light turning curved mirrors, which are uniquely formed in the glass, to direct the light to or from SiPh grating couplers. This prevents the need for bend-tolerant fiber solutions, which are often expensive, challenging and have some significant limitations in size and profile. To help address footprint challenges, OptoCplrLT™ has a low-profile interface of less than 1.5 mm in height.

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Q/V-Band (2 MHz-60 GHz) Fiber Optic Links

EMCORE Corporation (Alhambra, CA) began shipping its Optiva Q/V-Band fiber optic links for applications from 2 MHz to 60 GHz. Optiva Q/V-Band unamplified microwave fiber optic transmitter and receiver pairs eliminate the performance and cost penalty of block up/down conversion. At the heart of the system is EMCORE’s high-performance, ultra-low RIN (Relative Intensity Noise) source laser technology combined with high optical input power capable photodiodes. Optiva Q/V-Band links feature microprocessor-based transmitter control for laser and modulator bias, along with link gain for consistent high-performance, low-bias operation and higher SFDR (Spurious-Free Dynamic Range) of >102 dB-Hz2/3 at 60 GHz.

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Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensors

ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has expanded its XGS family of Global Shutter CMOS image sensors with two new models; the XGS 9400 and the XGS 8000. These devices provide resolutions of 9.4 and 8.8 Megapixels respectively. The XGS 9400 is a 1/1.2"-type square format imager with a 13.9 diagonal and 3.072 × 3.072 active pixels. The XGS 8000 has an optical format of 1/1.1" and reaches 4K UHDR resolution with a 14.8 diagonal and 4.096 × 2.160 pixels. Both XGS models have a pixel size of 3.2μm. The imager’s frame rate in high-speed mode achieves a maximum of 128 frames per second (fps) at 12-bits over 24 lanes in the 8MP version, and 90 fps in the 9.4MP version.

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Hyperspectral imaging Camera

The new HySpex SWIR-640 camera from Norsk Elektro Optikk, AS (NEO) (Skedsmokorset, Norway) offers 640 spatial pixels and 360 spectral bands.

With its sharper optics and PSF (Point Spread Function) of 1.2 pixels in the field of view and for all wavelengths, it reduces spatial and spectral misregistration to less than 10%.

Other specifications include: 16 deg FOV (32 degrees possible with FOV expander); 0.44 mrad iFOV; spectral sampling at 4.28 nm; spectral region of 960-2500 nm; 16-bit resolution; noise floor of 80 electrons; speed in excess of 140 fps; SNR > 800; and F2.3.

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