Uni-Guide Linear Slide Overview

Uni-Guide is a tested and proven linear slide assembly from PBC Linear. It is composed of a two-piece design that includes a Simplicity® bearing with Frelon® liner, and dual parallel shafts machined into one hard anodized aluminum rail. This results in an assembly requiring only 2 components versus 14 for conventional competitive design. The Uni-Guide family features Frelon liners that provide long life and smooth, quiet linear motion. Wide rail angles avoid pooling, chemical build-up, and bacteria growth making them optimal for washdown performance. Sizes start at 40 mm up through 125 mm, and offer a compact design with 24 mm height profile that fits into tight spaces. Product types include Standard Uni-Guide, Low Profile Uni-Guide, and Driven Systems. This video allows viewers to explore the unique characteristics that benefit industries such as medical and laboratory equipment, automation and assembly lines, and more.